Here is an exclusive 1-on-1 with Aaron Bonus, lead singer of Westland. Check out their newly released EP, Demos, B-Sides, and Lullabies, Oh My!, which can be downoaded on iTunes or Amazon.

You can also take a listen to the album which is streaming free here:


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Eric- Why did you decide to release this EP?


Aaron- Well it’s been over 2 years since Westland fans have gotten a chance to hear something new from us, so I really wanted to give them something to hang on to while we are recording our next full length.


E- What is each song about?


A- My darling- this track has to deal with me getting upset at my now ex girl friend for bringing in old possessions of her ex's in the house we moved into together.


A- Change me- This was a song about expressing my readiness for change, be that myself or the world I saw around me.


A- Say what you want demo- This is about the same as the version that made it on "don’t take it personal” asking my girlfriend at the time to just tell me flat out what she wants, instead of using girl code.


A- Sweet Boston- Its about a period in my life when I realized I needed to be in Boston to live for good. I was just blown away with how great I thought the city was. And how much fun I had every time I would visit.


A- Dear keeley- This is the second half to match made in ego, the after. When I left mass for Cali and longed for what I had.


A- Match made in ego- This track is also about keeley, its really the first half of our story, how we met, the feelings I felt.


A- Last song- This song though it seems like I'm just addressing a girl, is actually addressing the city I grew up in called Allentown, pa. ready and headed for a new city- Boston, the bridge is however referring to all the people I met there.


A- Help Your Self remix- the original version is about trying to help ones self with out begging for handouts. Not that you can tell much of what I'm saying in the remix ha.


E- What was your favorite song on the EP?


A- I guess I would have to say my darling, because its was based on a real life situation.


E- What is the future of you and Westland? Any tours in the works?


A- Lot of possible tours in the works. We will for sure be doing this years Warped tour again, as well as spending most of the winter and spring writing and recording the new full length.


E- When should we expect a full album?


A- My guess would be early spring but the truth is we haven’t set a release date just yet.


E- Is Westland planning on changing it’s sound at all for this next album and if so, why?


A- Well we are getting older. With that said, we aren't the same kids, dealing with the same issues as we once were. So look for the new material to be less bubble gum pop and more rock.  Along with that will come deeper lyrical content.


E- How was your experience on Warped Tour?


A- I had a blast! I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. And that’s why we want to do it again this year!


E- Thanks for your time Aaron!


A- Thanks so much buddy!


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