10 Great Reasons Why People Choose Private Yoga Instruction 


  1. Proper foundation -Learn accurate postures from the start and develop awareness and alertness to cues so you can move your body safely in any class.
  2. Customized -A curriculum designed with your specific needs in mind based on your body type. Not everyone is meant to do what you see in the magazines.
  3. Safety -Learn modifications that make sense for your body and gain a deeper knowledge of body movement, preventing injury in less alignment-focused classes.
  4. Recovery – If you have an injury or health limitation, take a private to learn how to modify and to work with poses specifically that will aid in your recovery.
  5. Environment– You may dislike the gym or prefer a more peaceful environment. Lucky for you Yoga is easy to take anywhere – your room, your deck, your roof, or outdoors!
  6. Convenience - Pick a time and place that is best for you.  No stress and hassle about where to go, park and how much time you have. You also can eliminate worries about not getting the space you want in a packed class.
  7. Beginner/New Style –If you are not sure how to get started or you want to try a new style of Yoga, begin with a sequence that’s customized for you and your body so you can begin a practice with safety and effectiveness. Learn pose names for more advanced classes and learn the philosophy that accompanies it.
  8. Privacy – Eliminate any fear, intimidation or self-consciousness that you might experience in a yoga studio, focusing on your needs first.
  9. Honor Your Body Approach – Yoga is a total mind, body, spirit approach.  We practice to create peace in the mind, reduce stress and build strength in the body through development of self-awareness and compassion.  Some trainers and gyms prefer a hard, rigorous approach focusing on the body only.
  10. Next Level – If you feel you’ve reached a plateau or you are not progressing as you might have wished, find out why.  As you develop your practice over time, you will need to respond to the changes in your body. Find out how to do this effectively.

-Adam Berry

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Executive Director of Inner Ventures, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and Life Coach

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