An Interview with Mr. Edward Mosberg

PARSIPPANY, NJ – Recently, TAPinto sat down with Mr. Edward Mosberg, a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor, to hear about his recent plans to take NFL player DeSean Jackson to visit Auschwitz and Mauthausen. This comes a year after Mosberg extended the same invitation to freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ignored the request. When asked how he connected with Jackson, Mosberg explained that Jonny Daniels, founder and executive director of From The Depths, an organization that helps the Righteous Among the Nations, put him in contact with DeSean Jackson.

A source noted that Jackson is being disciplined by the Philadelphia Eagles. However, Mosberg feels that punishment is not the answer, but rather it is more important to educate Jackson and others about the Holocaust. Although Jackson apologized publicly, Mr. Mosberg still sought him out and invited him to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau and/or Mauthausen with him. Their initial meeting was conducted via Zoom due to COVID-19, and Mosberg stated, “Jackson was very respectful. I would like to say God Bless Mr. Jackson for accepting my invitation.”

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According to Mosberg, a lack of education is the reason why most don’t know the details of the Holocaust. “Today, many people do not even know about the Holocaust because they were not taught about it.  As a Holocaust survivor, it is my duty to educate people from all walks of life about the horrors of the Holocaust that the Nazis perpetuated,” he stated. Similarly, Mosberg did not learn in school about the slavery that took place in America over 100 years ago. “It was only when I came to the United States after the war that I began to hear people talk about it, and that is how I learned about slavery,” Mosberg explained. “No one should be a slave. I know how terrible that feels because I was Hitler’s slave,” Mosberg stated.

According to Mosberg, Jews were not the only prisoners in the concentration camps.  There were also non Jews, black people and homosexuals, to name a few. Homosexuals had pink triangles on their chests to identify them.

The stories told by Mosberg of day-to-day life in the concentration camps are difficult to hear and comprehend. For instance, he described the 186 steps at Mauthausen concentration camp as death steps. “All of us prisoners were made to carry large heavy boulders up and down 186 steps. If prisoners got too weak, they would be shot or pushed down the steps to their death. Sometimes the prisoners were lined up and were forced to push other prisoners down to their death,” he explained. Mosberg also shared, “when a mother was carrying a small baby in her arms, the Nazis would rip the child from its mother’s arms and smash the baby’s head against the concrete wall, killing the baby instantly.”

Mosberg is a big supporter of the police force. He stated, “I would like to mention the important role the police play in our society.  They protect all people regardless of color, race, religion or nationality. I was invited by various law enforcement academies, including the Port Authority Police of NY & NJ, NJ State Police, and US Customs and Border Protection at Newark airport, to speak about the Holocaust. This began because those in command of the academies realized that a majority of their recruits did not even know what the Holocaust was, so they brought me in to educate them.  

Mosberg believes that a large part of the problem today is simply ignorance due to a lack of education. He stated that the youth are not taught at all or enough about the Holocaust, and his mission is to educate and bring awareness to what took place. Through education and dialogue people come together in understanding what the other has experienced and can better understand their pain and suffering. Mosberg said, “It is my duty and obligation to teach people about the Holocaust because we have to remember the millions of people who were murdered and we should not forget this. We should not forget and not forgive. By forgetting or forgiving it would mean to kill the victims a second time. We could not prevent their first death. We should not kill them a second time. We have no right to forgive.  Only the dead can forgive.”

Mosberg concluded by stating he believes that we have “a great President – the best one that the United States ever had.  And by voting for him, he will never ever allow the USA to become Communist. God bless America.”