SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – Music filled the air on Irvington Avenue as the Grand Opening celebration of “2 Great Kids” took place on Saturday.  The upscale consignment store for kids’ garments and gear is owned and operated by Clarke and Tim McCarthy, who used to own the Other Mothers store just up the street.  The shop buys, sells and trades, with the motto, “Changing the world, one onesie at a time.”

“Other Mothers was a franchise and we decided after ten years to change it up,” said Clarke McCarthy.  “So we have moved up the street, and in addition to our store location, we will now have online sales on our website.”

Another big change is the creation of a not-for-profit organization called Worldwide Mom.  There are a lot of clothes that people bring to the store that are not in good enough shape for resale, so Worldwide Mom is forming a network of partners that will send the items to impoverished areas, sell it inexpensively and send the rest to orphanages.  There will also be microloans given to entrepreneurial women to enable them to fulfill the mission.

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“Most of the clothes people think they are donating to a worthy cause in those big metal bins is actually auctioned off to wealthy people who ship it overseas and resell it for top dollar,” McCarthy said.  “We are putting the clothes directly into the hands of people who will open their own businesses in their communities and find worthy recipients for the remainders.”

The brightly colored shop is an inviting and cheerful space, loaded with high quality clothing and gear for children.  It is a welcome addition to the increasingly vital and bustling Irvington Avenue corridor.

2 Great Kids: 301 Irvington Avenue, South Orange; 973-762-4343;