EAST ORANGE/ORANGE, NJ - The National Night Out celebration is not simply an evening out with family and friends for a good time. National Night Out isn’t just an opportunity to share a hamburger with local police officers and politicians. The National Night Out isn’t just about bouncy houses,  games, music, swimming, basketball or watching Black Panther on a huge video screen. National Night Out is about residents taking back their community. East Orange and Orange demonstrated just how they do that.

National Night Out seeks to create an atmosphere where residents work cooperatively with law enforcement to mend relationships and renew bonds of trust and respect. The underlying theme of the ‘Night’ is that residents too must realize they have to take responsibility and ownership for their peace and safety by interacting with neighbors and caring for each other. 

Hundreds of people showed up to the various block parties and festivities going on in both towns. The Mayors, Council members and elected officials in both towns were dispersed all throughout the area meeting residents face to face. The police and firefighters were particularly visible and active in interacting with the neighbors. As key stakeholders, the business community was also extremely supportive and involved; making the 2018 National Night Out possibly one of the best nights of the summer season.