Dear Debby,

My son's friends are all in preschool but he stays home with me. I really enjoy spending time with him but while he is super smart and doing well, he has difficulty waiting in line and taking turns and listening to directions. Do you think I should send him to pre-school?

A Neighborhood Mom


Dear Neighborhood Mom,

You are one of the fortunate ones who has options. Many people would love to stay home with their children when they are young but are unable to. Have you visited preschools and asked your son if he would like to go? If he would, maybe it could be a good experience to prep him for kindergarten. If he doesn't, then keep him home as before but make sure you arrange regular playdates so he can interact with other children. Join a playgroup and you can still be with him while he is playing.

Another option to socialize your son is to join a babysitting coop. This will enable him to play with others and learn to respect another authority figure on the special evenings where you go to dinner with your husband or have appointments to keep. When it's your turn, he will have others in his home and learn valuable sharing lessons.

Make sure he goes to the park or joins some group activities (sports, music, library story hour, etc.) where he interacts with others. There are so many things that you can do together if preschool is not your thing.

Remember, it goes by fast....soon he will be in kindergarten so enjoy!

Best wishes,