As the 2013 Farmers' Market season comes to a close, the Madison Downtown Development Commission and the Madison Main Street Foundation have so many to thank for this amazingly successful season. First and foremost we thank Barbara Hughes, the Farmers' Market Coordinator. Every Thursday for 20 weeks, Barb provided a weekly community gathering that was welcoming and fun. Her brain child-- "Buy Fresh, Give Fresh" (sponsored by Drew  University) reminded us all how easily we could cultivate giving. We also are grateful to the Madison Police Department and in particular the auxiliary police officers for helping us close off and then reopen Green Village Road safely and efficiently. Further thanks goes to the Madison Mayor and Council Council as well as to Ray Codey and Jim Burnet for securing the space and working out the weekly logistics so that Madison could enjoy a farmers' market for 20 weeks. 

We would also like to take a moment and thank our sponsors-- Drew University and Gary's Wine and Marketplace whose programmatic and financial support made the 2013 Farmers' Market possible. Finally we want to express our gratitude to the farmers, vendors, downtown merchants and the Madison residents for your enthusiastic support week after week.

The Madison Farmers' Market harkens back to a time when farmers and artisans, residents and shop owners would all gather in the town square to share stories, a basket of plums and a smile. How lucky we are to have such bounty in our community and one of the most vibrant downtowns in NJ. Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you downtown during the up-coming holiday shopping season.  Remember,  if you love Maidison, shop Madison. 

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Eric Range

Chair, Downtown Development Commission


Dr. Wayne Lajewski

President, Madison Main Street Foundation Board of Trustees