Follow me, dear Readers, as I take you on a journey and tell you a story of adventure, intrigue, comedy, loss and ultimately … redemption.  And it all happened to me …

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, a woman found herself in a place called Target …

It was Tuesday September 13th to be exact, and Target had partnered with the legendary house of Missoni to introduce a new, limited-edition collection of clothing and accessories for women, children and babies, as well as home furnishings, décor and design goods.  (I pause here to tell you that like all great stories, this one involves a dream of a lifetime: to actually own a luxurious Missoni item or two, or three, at an affordable price.)  This woman (and many others) found herself at Target on September 13th at 9:30 a.m.  As she entered the store she was excited and imagined wearing all these wonderful clothes by one of her favorite designers.  But when she looked closer she saw that the clothes were gone.  Cleaned out, gone.  She then began to notice things around her; women asking Target representatives when would there be another shipment, women with piles of Missoni items in their carts while others like her looked on longingly, and still other women trying to squeeze into children’s sizes.  It was a bit of madness, to say the least.  And then she found herself moving to the dressing room to see if there was anything left to try on.  There, she saw a blouse that was not really her style but was her size, and a sweater that she loved but was way too big.  And because it was Missoni after all, and she was caught up in the crazy, she bought them both.  On her way out she also found perfect black suede pumps with the signature Missoni zig-zag on the toe, and bought them too.  She paid and left the store happy.

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(I interrupt my story here for a moment, to say that the partnership between Target and the house of Missoni was big fashion news from the start.  Yes, there have been other designers and other partnerships, but Missoni has the name, the history, and a quality unlike others.  Known for its glamorous and chic knitwear, exciting color blends and patterns, and mix of textures, Missoni is in a class of its own.  Started in Italy in 1953, it remains family-owned and operated, and as the Missoni family has grown so has its allure.  Many of us can only dream of owning a signature Missoni piece.  So when Target presented us with this opportunity it was too good to pass up.  And we came out in big numbers, both in store and on-line, where in fact the website crashed!)

Let’s get back to my story … The woman left happy, but when she tried everything on again in the comfort of her home she knew in her heart that the blouse and sweater were not quite right for her.  After much reflecting, she realized that they must go back, because even if it is Missoni, you can’t wear it if it doesn’t fit, or if it’s not quite right.  It’s not enough simply to own the name – you’ve got to be able to wear it with confidence.  And so she returned to Target the same day, got her money back and smiled, knowing that waiting for her at home were her beautiful pumps.  In one glorious day she came, she saw, she laughed in disbelief, she investigated, bought and returned – and was left with a lovely pair of Missoni magic slippers.

The moral of my story?  Everyone deserves to own perfection, luxury, and haute couture, but only when it is perfect on you.

And almost right is not good enough.

The End.

Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.  Fashion questions?  Feel free to write to Melissa at