My name is Lance Tkacs and I am running for re-election to the Randolph Town Council.

The residents of Randolph have more than a choice of political party this election.  They also have a choice of how they want their representatives to act, and the spirit in how they perform their duties for the township.

Look back at all our public statements and press releases.  We have run an honest and positive campaign.  We have touted our accomplishments, we have detailed our long histories of community service, highlighted our professional lives, and showed our families.  That’s how we have served the community because it is who we are as people.

Our newsletter delivers the local news that you can trust.

Our opponents have used their platform to negatively attack us.  They are trying to spin our experience as bad and refuse to recognize our thousands of hours volunteering our time and efforts to support Randolph as a community.  People move to Randolph for a reason, and much of that reason was built on the governance of the community leaders that came before us. Experience does matter.

Standard & Poors and Moodys are globally recognized financial rating experts.  They have awarded Randolph their highest “AAA” rating.  Our opponents, who have no financial background, continue to tell wild mistruths about our surplus, and speak as if they have a better understanding.  Ironically, they did not attend a single public budget meeting. I think I will trust the experts.

Our opponents also seek to divide us as a community.  They have falsely accused us of being insensitive to social issues, and seem to tout specific social groups over other groups.  As a member of the DISC, and husband and father in a biracial family, I am more than aware of these issues that do need our attention.  However, as local government officials, we have always strived to BUILD community, not to divide it.  We are certain to build a stronger and more accepting community if we are unified together as Randolph residents.

Most people ask each other, how did politics get so divisive?  Why are we so polarized? 

A review of this campaign tells the story. 

Please vote for Lance Tkacs before November 3rd.   I will always be a positive influence in building our community.