Academic Awards Dinner Honors Seniors, Awards $73 Thousand in Scholarships

Presenting the James B Nye Scholarship to Sara Saltos. Credits: Jennifer Dericks
John Puszcz received a St Kateri Columbian Squires Counselor Award. Credits: Jennifer Dericks
Erica Pyper received one of the Ryan Scott Quinn Memorial Scholarships.  Matthew Chemis was the other recipient. Credits: Jennifer Dericks
There was not a dry eye in the room as Heather Throne presented Dylan Panicucci with his appointment to West Point.  He received a standing ovation for his acheivements.    Credits: Jennifer Dericks
Jarryd Boyle received the Ryan Kerr Memorial Scholarship. Credits: Jennifer Dericks
Linda Carlson received  Kiwanis and Sparta Woman's Club awards.  Credits: Jennifer Dericks
One of the largest crowds in recent memory for the Senior Acadmic Awards; 360 people attended.  Credits: Jennifer Dericks
Credits: Jennifer Dericks
Credits: Jennifer Dericks
Lisa Fiorentine of Sodexo presented Allessa Danini with the Iron Chef award. Credits: Jennifer Dericks

VERNON, NJ-The Diamond Room at Minerals was the site of the Senior Academic Awards dinner on Thursday, June 5.   The room dressed in blue and white for the students and their families; a gathering of 360 people.  District administrators and staff along with award presenters shared the night of accolades. 

Students from the class of 2014 were invited to attend if they had earned the President's Award for Educational Excellence by maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.75 for seven semesters.  Other students were invited for having been selected to receive one of the many generous scholarships and awards from community and regional organizations.  There were memorial scholarships and academic departmental awards bestowed that evening as well. A total of $73,350 was awarded to the Sparta High School seniors that evening.   Of the nearly 330 students in the graduating class 134 were invited to attend.  This year's event was one of the largest in recent memory.

The elegant event included a buffet dinner and dessert.  Director of Guidance Rory Fitzgerald was the master of ceremonies, keeping the evening light and moving at a good pace while maintaining the respectful tone of the evening.

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For weeks in advance, guidance secretaries Carol DeSciscio and Dale Marcino worked to put together the lists of award recipients, amended right up to the day of the event.  Jennifer Dericks and Mimi Sharpe of the Sparta High School PSTO organized the dinner.

Students who received recognition that evening:

  • Yaminah Agosto               Sparta Ambulance-Herb Orel Scholarship
  • Kyle Ailara
  • Julianne Bachman
  • Adam Banatt
  • Haley Barna
  • Sian Barry
  • Dominic Bartolomeo       St Kateri Columbian Squire, Sussex Bank
  • Erin Beebe                          Sparta Woman’s Club
  • Jarryd Boyle                       Ryan Kerr, AP Calculus
  • Katherine Brennan
  • Henri Brooks                      Jeff Syberg, Pass it Along
  • Cal Cacciaguida
  • Erin Cannon
  • Linda Carlson                   Kiwanis, Sparta Woman’s Club
  • Nicholas Carlucci                              
  • Colin Casey
  • Matt Chemis                      Ryan Scott Quinn Memorial Scholarship
  • Alexandra Chin
  • Christopher Chu               Chinese
  • Alana Claffey
  • Ian Clark                             US Marine Corps-Semper Fi
  • Mitchell Cohen
  • Lauren Colacicco
  • Kimberly Conlan               German
  • Shannon Conway
  • Brett Cotton
  • Katherine Crawford          AP MEH
  • Isabella Cuan                     English, Biology, Distinguished Student Award
  • Julie Daniels                       Kiwanis, German Christmas Market
  • Allessa Danino                   Sodexo Iron Chef
  • Ashley Darnsteadt             Junior Woman’s Club, Pass it Along, Sparta Ambulance- Herb Orel Scholarship
  • Nicholas D’Avanzo
  • Jacob Davis                         Smile Award-Knight Family Scholarship
  • Jared Decker                      Audrey Kruse Memorial Scholarship
  • Sean Decker                       German Christmas Market, St Kateri Knights of Columbus Scholarship
  • Christina DeGasperis       Jerome Amend, PhD Life Science Scholarship
  • Michael Dempsey              Physics
  • Melissa DiSanti
  • Francis Dolce
  • Angelique Donati
  • Brianne Eisenecker          James Abel Scholarship
  • Amanda Esso
  • Orion Farr
  • Tanner Fettinger
  • Julianna Fitzsimons
  • Marina Franc                      Chemistry, Russian
  • Carly Friedman                  German Christmas Market Scholarship
  • Emily Gaab                         Germania Park Scholarship
  • Christine Galley                 Jeff Syberg Therater Patrons’ Memorial Scholarship
  • Andrew Garger                   Kiwanis
  • Alyssa Gastelu                   RoNetco
  • David Gensheimer
  • Christian Glew                   Dave Karlberg Scholarship
  • Sarah Gorrell     
  • Mackenzie Heffernan       Sparta Woman’s Club
  • Michael Henning              James Abel Scholarship
  • Alison Hurley                     Laddey Clark Ryan, English
  • Claire Incantalupo            Dave Karlberg Scholarship
  • Paul Jerchaflie  
  • Peter Jerchaflie
  • Peter Jin                              Hull, Kiwanis, Science, Superintendent’s Roundtable
  • Kaitlin Johnson                  SHS PSTO
  • Alex Kaplan
  • Zach Kayal                           Jefferson Rotary
  • Julia Keenan                       Junior Woman’s Club
  • Sonja Knezevic                   German Christmas Market
  • Socrates Leotsakos
  • Megan Lepore                    Hull, Jefferson Rotary, Jr Woman’s Club, Lakeland Bank, Stanek,                                                             Kiwanis, Sparta Woman's Club
  • Kristy LeVan      
  • Amanda Lewis
  • Sydney Liebman
  • Alexis Liland                       SHS PSTO
  • Mikaela Litchfield
  • Sara Lucas                         Jeff Syberg Theater Patrons’ Memorial Scholarship
  • Isabella Lusardi
  • Kacie Lynch                        Tony Pompelio Award of Courage
  • Richard Maiella
  • Brad Maierle                      Auxiliary of Newton Medical Center Nursing, Sussex County School Nurses Assoc
  • Amanda Mancuso
  • Amanda Marcino              Thomas & Agnes Murray Scholarship
  • Carolyn Maruszak             History of Genocide
  • Matthew Mayer
  • Emily McGuckin
  • Emily Mead                        US Marine Corps Award
  • Tyler Mead
  • Michael Meisel                  US Marine Corps Award
  • Emily Melberger
  • Grace Miller                       RoNetco
  • Kevin Mortillaro
  • Sydney Nolan                    AP Psychology
  • Angela Nolfi
  • Dylan Panicucci                 West Point Appointment
  • Olivia Passerini
  • Amanda Pegher
  • Vincenzo Pellicani            St Kateri Columbian Squire
  • Krista Piccotti                    St Kateri Knights of Columbus Scholarship
  • Fatih Porzilli
  • Kimberly Puccio
  • John Puszcz                       Jeff Syberg Theater Patrons’ Award, St Kateri Columbian Squire
  • Matty Putnam                     Creative Writing
  • Erica Pyper                         Ryan Scott Quinn Memorial Scholarship
  • Samantha Raffino
  • John Reinbott
  • Eric Reinhard
  • Rachel Rippey
  • Chelsea Rivera                  Kiwanis, French
  • Thomas Ruddy                  US Marine Corps Award
  • Erin Rush
  • Matthew Saba                    AP Statistics
  • Cynthia Salazar                  Sparta Ambulance-Herb Orel Scholarship
  • Sophie Salinardo              Sparta Woman’s Club, Thomas & Agnes Murray
  • Sara Saltos                         James B Nye Scholarship
  • Delphine Schottland
  • Lauren Scott
  • Matt Seville                        Smile Award- Knight Family Scholarship
  • Jacob Shepherd
  • Anthony Sica                      SHS PSTO
  • Benjamin Skalla
  • Andrew Smith
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Anthony Soloviev
  • Nicholas Tartaglia
  • Andrew Thomas               Kiwanis, Biochemistry, German Christmas Market
  • Douglas Triolo                   German Christmas Market
  • Stephen Vocaturo             Mountain Broadcasting, Kiwanis, Spanish
  • Mark VonEisenburg          SHS PSTO
  • Shirley Wang
  • Lauren Waselik                 Junior Woman’s Club Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Willis
  • Morgan Willis
  • Jon Zachok                          Sparta Ambulance- Herb Orel Scholarship
  • Shannon Zensen
  • Alexander Zielenski           SHS PSTO
  • Cole Zugelder

There were several Sparta High School staff members in attendance to present the various department awards.  Some departments recognized several students based on the subject matter.  Mary Hassenplug presented for the English Department, Denis Sheeran for Mathmatics, Marisa Wilson for Science and Steven Schels did double duty presenting for both Social Studies and World Language.

Presenting individual awards and scholarships this year were:

  • Ryan Scott Quinn Memorial Scholarship                    The Quinn Family
  • Smile Award-Knight Family Scholarship                     Andrew Lowery
  • Ryan Kerr Memorial Scholarship                                  The Kerr Family
  • The James B. Nye Scholarship                                      Ilse Wolfe & Family, Carol Gadsden
  • Germania Park Award                                                      Steven Schels
  • German Christmas Market Scholarship                       Steven Schels
  • Jeff Syberg Theater Patrons’ Memorial Scholarship  Angela DeLuccia
  • Jerome Amend PhD Life Science Scholarship           Marisa Wilson
  • Brian M. Laddey Memorial Scholarship                         Timothy Dinan
  • Lakeland Bank Scholarship                                             Susan Wilke
  • Pass It Along Scholarship                                                 Kelly Bonventre
  • Mary Ann Stanek Founder’s Award                                  Pat Losey
  • Sparta Ambulance—Herb Orel Scholarship                  Margaret Carbery, Allyson Wright
  • Sussex Bank                                                                       Christy Sherry, Linda Llewellyn
  • Sodexo (Iron Chef) Scholarship                                       Lisa Fiorentine
  • Sparta Junior Woman’s Club Scholarship                     Jennifer Carlson
  • Sparta Woman’s Club Scholarship                                 Jennifer Mohr, Patricia Patterson
  • Sparta Kiwanis Club Scholarship                                     Jim Peters
  • Saint Kateri Columbian Squires Counselor Awards     Nick Cutrone
  • Saint Kateri Knights of Columbus Parish Scholarship   Mike Sawey
  • Tony Pompelio Award of Courage                                      Karen Scott
  • Jefferson Rotary Merit & Wilpert Memorial Scholarship   V. James Castiglia, ESQ
  • U.S. Marine Corps Award                                                     Staff Sergeant Curcio
  • West Point Appointment                                                       Heather Throne
  • Auxiliary of Newton Medical Center & Health Career      Doreen Eisenecker
  • Sussex County School Nurses Association                     Rory Fitzgerald                                      
  • Thomas & Agnes Murray Scholarship                               Rory Fitzgerald
  • James Abel Scholarship                                                      Rory Fitzgerald
  • Mountain Broadcasting Scholarship, WMBC TV              Rory Fitzgerald
  • Dave Karlberg Scholarship                                                  Rory Fitzgerald
  • The Herbert J. Hull & Geneva S. Hull Scholarship Fund   Rory Fitzgerald
  • The Audrey Kruse Memorial Scholarship                           Rory Fitzgerald
  • RoNetco Award                                                                        Rory Fitzgerald
  • PSTO Scholarship                                                                   Jennifer Dericks

Summing up the evening, parent MIke Cacciaguida said, "It is a great night.  There are a lot of bright, talented students in this room.  It really  is a great night."


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