RAHWAY, NJ - Eager to demonstrate their newly acquired French language skills, nine Academy 8th graders from Mr. Kinch’s French I class competed in an animated listening comprehension contest led by RHS Honors and AP French students during the high school’s Open House program October 20.

Coordinated by RHS Vice Principal and Director of Guidance Dr. Cary Fields and the RHS Action Team, the program was conceived, explains Dr. Fields, “to showcase the high school and the depth, rigor, and versatility of both its curricula and extracurricular activities.”

Mr. Kinch was especially proud to include his Academy students in the evening’s activities so that their parents could see how well they have progressed in their comprehension skills just since September.  “It was also very important for them to have the opportunity to interact with the upperclassmen, whose warm and considerate welcome could only raise the students’ comfort level when they transition to the high school next year.”   

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Academy participant Andres Barco Cardona praised the knowledge and affability of the upper level French students and found the high school “more than I expected.”  He affirmed that he felt “very comfortable in the classroom,” adding, “I can’t wait to go!”  Yeicob Martinez found it a “fun experience.”  Being impressed by the skill level of the Honors and AP students, he also expressed his goal to work hard and “be just like them.”

The opportunity to work with the 8th graders was also enthusiastically embraced by the RHS students who put their own language communication skills to the test as well!  High School Honors student Martin Fleurmont felt it was “fun to see how excited and enthusiastic the 8th graders were to learn and to further perfect their French language skills.”  Senior AP student Sephora Delice was grateful for the opportunity “to see the kids have fun and learn at the same time.”

It is clear from its extensive Open House program, Rahway High School’s faculty, staff, and administration all look forward to welcoming Rahway’s Academy students in September as the future class of 2020!