MADISON, NJ – Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) and its 20 county chapters, the largest on-the-ground grassroots group has endorsed Senator Bob Menendez for re-election.  This strong endorsement came with a 100% “yes” vote from the Leadership Committee to endorse the Democratic Senator. The Leadership Committee is a statewide committee comprised of dedicated year-round volunteers who are County Co-Chairs, Managers, and Directors of this organization.


“None of our prior endorsements (for the Congressional races) resulted in 100% agreement, so this solid vote speaks volumes to the confidence that we have in Senator Menendez and our steadfast commitment to get out the vote.  In fact, through our Post it Posse initiative alone, our coalition of volunteers have reached over 292,000 registered voters in the state to get out the vote. We are on the ground and doing the work to get Senator Menendez re-elected.  A vote for Bob Hugin is a vote for President Trump and the complicit GOP leaders who refuse to provide the necessary checks and balances in our democracy,” said Uyen “Winn” Khuong, Executive Director, ATNJ.


Action Together New Jersey is a group of over 85% women, including a 50+ member leadership team comprised of 95% women.  Senator Menendez has a consistent voting record that supports New Jerseyans including as a cosponsor of the Women's Health Protection Act S510 and was instrumental in passing Affordable Care Act HR3590.  The mission of Action Together New Jersey is to provide political and civic education, actions, and events to New Jerseyans while fighting for critical issues like women’s rights, common sense gun laws, racial justice, and the environment.  

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Racial Justice and Civil Rights are key issues for ATNJ and Senator Menendez has been sponsor/cosponsor of the Racial Profiling Act S411 and the National Criminal Justice Commission Act S573.  He also cosponsored the Voting Rights Advancement Act S1419 to stop voter suppression.  


In light of the highly contentious Kavanaugh hearings that resulted in the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee in history, it should be noted that Senator Menendez voted against Trump judicial nominees with poor records on voting rights including against Neil Gorsuch who voted in favor of Ohio’s voter purge law, against Brett Kavanaugh in 2006 who voted in favor of South Carolina ID law, and most recently - again - against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 for the Supreme Court. Bob Hugin has said that he supported Brett Kavanaugh and has donated the maximum to President Trump whose presidency has emboldened racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic acts to increase in New Jersey and throughout our nation.


“We are strongly behind Senator Menendez who has always been championing civil rights and racial justice.  We also know that he holds a key vote in the Senate for lifetime judicial appointments so we will do all we can to defend the senior Senator of New Jersey in his re-election,” said Rachel Green, Civil Rights Director, ATNJ.