The Library of the Chathams is resuming its Adult Education Series, now online.  We are offering a series of lectures for adults on Wednesdays, March 3, 10 & 17, all at 7:30 pm. Barry Wiesenfeld, a musician, published author, and faculty member of SUNY and Ramapo College, will hold a three-lecture series, The Three B’s of Music–The Modern Version: Bach, Beethoven, and The BeatlesLectures will be held virtually via Zoom.

Session 1 – Back to Bach - Wednesday, March 3

In the first session, Barry will discuss how Bach teaches us how music works, and how he outlined concepts of music theory still used today.  We will learn about some of his magnificent works by dissecting them to understand their components and his contributions to music.

Session 2 – Learning Ludwig - Wednesday, March 10

This second session shows how Beethoven took the musical world into which he was born, mastered it, and transformed the Romantic era into the Classical era.  He lived a tragic life, but gave concepts and emotion to his music unrivaled to this day.  This lecture will discuss his life and contributions to the world of music.

Session 3 – The Beatles: 50 Years Later - Wednesday, March 17

This lecture will show how five guys (yes, five) took the popular music that came before them and altered what was to come.  The floors of their studio were littered with pieces of what were once glass ceilings, and their music changed lives forever.  We will isolate some of the spices in their recipes, and you will listen to their music differently and more deeply in the future.

Registration for this fascinating series is open now! You can choose to attend one, two, or all three lectures. Click here to learn more and to register.