Vacation time is here and if you're like most couples this year you're looking for the bargains, the right amount of bang for your hard-earned buck. You need a vacation to add some spice to your partnership and you want the best at the best possible rate.  In any relationship, the daily sameness can wear on you and make you feel as if you’re trapped in a repetitive badly written sit-com. The characters are boring and there is no true comic relief.

So...nothing can bring the spark back for a couple in a relationship rut than going on a couples-only get-away. A place where there are no screaming kids running around a pool while you try to read, rest, or get in a few laps, a place where dinner at eight or nine means you get to eat with adult humans and not overtired children who are dragged out for a family dinner to a place that is not child friendly and has no need to be. That place is an adults only enclave in the Caribbean.

The all-inclusive resorts certainly are adult-friendly. They cater to anything you might want or need. Going to an adults-only all-inclusive resort is a refresher course in why you fell in love in the first place and how you can revive the feeling of “us.” You want the best.

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But which one is the should you choose? Which one will make you fell like royalty without having to spend like a king and queen?

The absolute best of the all-inclusive resorts for adults is Sandals.  Their website offers a variety of prices and packages; even if you opt for the lower priced package, the accommodations are still luxurious. And tipping is strictly forbidden!

There are activities and nightlife but if your idea of activity is doing absolutely nothing by the pool or beach while sipping mojitos and snuggling, that can be an activity in itself. Let yourself be catered to and pampered. This is a place where your relationship can heal and thrive. Remember that you are a couple.

Being together away from any and all distractions and being pampered with the best of everything for a reasonable price; who can argue with that?


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