Adults Returning to College:

Question: As a returning adult to college, I'm really nervous about returning to college and being a student again. How will I handle the balance of work, school, family and still have a social life? It's scary to return back to college after taking more then ten years off. I would appreciate any tips on balancing it all.

Answer: First of all, you should congratulate yourself. Returning to college after taking time off is scary. You will have a full plate between work, family, school and social life.

So, here are a few tips to help with balancing it all.

1. Have a support team - it's important to have close friends and family who are supportive of your goals.

2. Explain to your family about your decision to go back to college. Explain why you made the choice, what degree you are going for and what they can do to help.

3. Plan ahead - you will need quiet time to study, write papers and do homework. Set aside time that will be for college.

4. Talk to your advisor - Find all of the resources available for returning adults. One of the colleges I work at has an organization for returning evening students. It's a great way to meet other adult students

5. Options - know your options. Is your program available in the day only? Do they have a night or weekend program? Will they take work hours as credits?

6. Be realistic - your days will be full. How many classes can you take each semester without putting a strain on your job and family? If you are too stressed or overwhelmed, you will not enjoy the college experience or do well academically.