Adventures with Photography ~ 121212

December 9, 2012 at 9:23 PM

Greetings! I’m Joel Aronson. I reside in Wharton, NJ, and am retired from careers as a professional photographer and as a professor of photography at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Retired only from receiving a salary, I’m still active as a photographer, conducting free workshops at Wharton Public Library, and volunteer teaching at various venues.

Photography is an activity that provides much creative enrichment for the mind and gives good reason and opportunity to go outdoors for related physical exercise, in the quest for making the perfect photograph.

I’m writing this column about doing photography, to stimulate many of you to get more involved with this powerful medium for communication, instruction and persuasion. So let’s get started and I hope you will enjoy these Adventures with Photography!

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121212 = December 12, 2012. This day is a moment in time well announced throughout the world - a numerical combination of month-day-year that happens only within a short span of a few years in each century. I'm going to show you two examples that I photographed in previous years. Maybe you'll get some ideas to do your own photos on 121212. The next opportunity for this will happen 89 years from now: 010101 = January 1, 2101.

Will some of us will be around then? Maybe instead of cameras, we’ll just point fingers and somehow capture precious moments in time!

090909 = September 9, 2009, I had an appointment around 11 that morning in Sea Girt, NJ, so I was on the road around 8:00 AM. On I had my Samsung S1050 digital camera ready, with the date imprint setting on. As I made my way south on the Garden State Parkway, the deejay on 104.3 FM kept remarking about the time getting close to 9:09 AM.  I drove carefully with camera ready, and kept checking the time on the car radio display. The moment happened and I shot several exposures DWP (Driving While Photographing).

Reviewing the images at home later that day, I noticed the 19.9 miles to go indicator on the GPS unit above the dashboard. Add to that another nine thing: the shutter-speed was 1/90 of a second. This information is in the image's metadata, visible when using various image viewing programs in a computer.

111111 = November 11, 2011 , was Veterans Day 2011. My photo concept was simple - At 11:11 AM, to commemorate my own military service, I photographed my shadow while saluting the Military symbols at Memorial Park in Wharton.

I hope you will be able to get some meaningful images on 121212. To that end, keep this thought in mind:

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Camera, Memory, Battery, and the Pursuit of Perfect Images 


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