I celebrated a birthday this week and I am in a reflective mood. I turned 52 and appear to be keeping good company. Barbie is just a year older than I am. The ever-popular mini skirt (second most-sold skirt worldwide behind the A-line) turns 50 this year. And news on the fashion street is that the clothing company known for its youth inspired advertising, American Apparel, has hired a 60-year old woman in its new advertising campaign called “Advanced Basics.” Her name is Jacky and she has never modeled before. Like the famous Hollywood stories of unknown starlets snatched from ice cream parlors, she was spotted in a New York City restaurant for her youthful energy and spirit. How cool is that?

Age is what you make it. Feel young and you are young. Stay positive and you will live with joy and purpose. Embrace your age and the world will embrace it too - because getting older means getting better. I meditate on this everyday.

Although I won’t be wearing a mini skirt any time soon, it is nice to know that we are both in this together, aging gratefully.

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