SUMMIT, NJ – In celebration of National School Choice Week Jan. 25-31, American Boys Preparatory Academy will be hosting its first annual essay contest. The topic of the essay will be Your Dream School. American Boys Prep asks students to imagine their dream school, describe its key features, and explain why those features are important to them. Boys currently in fifth or sixth grade are eligible to participate.

The essays will be judged on creativity and originality, persuasiveness, grammar and spelling, understanding of subject matter, and relevancy of response to topic question. A judging committee will select a first, second, and third place essay. The award for first place will be a 100 percent scholarship to attend American Boys Prep for the 2015-2016 school year, valued at $10,000. The award for second place will be a 50 percent scholarship, and the award for third place will be a 25 percent scholarship.
So just what is American Boys Preparatory Academy? ABPA is not your typical private school.  There’s no set start time, no bell at the end of the day, no exams, no set daily schedule, and no homework.  The school offers a unique learning environment for boys in grades 6-8, and is based in Summit, New Jersey.

The learning environment at American Boys Preparatory Academy is self-directed and self-paced, with the goal of putting families in control of the education of their sons.  There is no busywork, no wasting of time, and no “teaching to the test.”  The boys also participate in physical activities for at least 90 minutes each day. 

Student learning is monitored and parents are regularly apprised of their child’s progress.  The school is secular, but supports parents who want their sons to devote time to religious studies during the school day.

The school is designed for families who want more control over their son’s education.  The school’s format may be particularly well suited to competitive athletes who spend a lot of time traveling and practicing their sports; students interested in business who want to get a head start on learning the fundamentals of accounting, finance and economics; and boys who are bored or frustrated with school, or who would prefer to learn things that are useful and interesting to them at their own pace.

The school opens early and stays open late, with flexible drop off and pick up, making the daily routine a little easier for working parents while enabling students to learn from morning until night if they wish to do so. 

Cam Luther, Director of Admissions, told TAP, “Our goal is to make learning fun again so that when our boys enter ninth grade they are way ahead of their public school peers because they have been motivated by the joy of learning every day.” 

The school offers full day schooling including early drop off and late pickup for $10,000 per year.  For more information, visit or contact Cameron Luther, Director of Admissions at  or call (908) 516-4231.