He is known as America’s Favorite Outlaw due to his involvement in the fields of pro wrestling and television. It has also been over 15 years since he received a phone call from a North Jersey police department asking him if he would host a children’s television show in association with them. That same phone call that started this long journey that brings him to where he is today.

It was back in the mid 90’s when he said yes to that phone call and became host of the children’s cable show, “Body-Slam On Drugs”. A show geared toward the youth in an effort to help educate them on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. The program aired for over 3 years throughout the state and he received countless letters of support from such people as Governors, Senators, Congressmen/women, Police, Schools and Youth and Civic Groups. He was also written about in a number of different newspapers and magazines about him and the show.

This modern day outlaw has been down many roads throughout the last 15 plus years, but this man couldn’t be any happier to be exactly where he is at today.

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Since that time Dalton has worked with the youth in a number of different projects including talks in grammar schools on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

He has hosted a number of radio and cable shows along the way from a Christian base show entitled, Outlaws 4 Christ Radio to a blue’s program that aired each week throughout South Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and all of Philadelphia.

Then it all came to a sudden stop or as Doc would say, it was time to walk away and recharge. It was time to truly think about my life and decide what its next phase and possibly last phase would be. States Dalton, you get older and hopefully wiser with age and you come to the realization that you have more days behind you then in front of you. So it’s important to make your decisions wisely and more importantly, make them count.

One of the things he always did to relax was to write poetry and so that’s what he did for awhile. Says Dalton, it allowed me to put things in place within my mind while at the same time enjoy the writing process, it also gave me the opportunity to realize the things that I loved doing and revamping them for me to use in the year 2013. And enjoy the process he did because his poetry was published in a number of different publications.

So now the time came for the new phase of life to begin for America’s Favorite Outlaw and he knew right from the start that he always loved doing radio and television so he decided to do just that. But he also understood that he needed to do it the way he wanted to do it and with whom it wanted to do it with. He also decided that because he enjoyed writing, he would write a book and write that book just the way he wanted to write it and say exactly what was on his mind. And last, he always worked well with young people so he decided he would do it again but this time with young adults.

After all was decided, the following is now Doc Dalton’s life in 2013.

• The Doc Dalton Show “Radio” – a weekly radio show that touches on the topics of politics, music, sports and all of today’s happenings.

Will air on WNJC 1360 AM, 'Philadelphia’s Renaissance Station. Will also air on Blog Radio and a number of Internet outlets and will also be a podcast so each show will be posted on the web site after its original airing date.

• The Doc Dalton Show “Television” - will cover all the same topics mentioned above. Show will air on local cable outlets, Blip TV and a new start up Internet station, Broad Band Box Office and will be taped at our North Jersey studios.

• Doc has written his first book entitled, “Stop Being Stuck On Stupid” it’s a to the point, no nonsense in your face writing that is part motivational, a little Spiritual and talks about common sense steps that folks can use within their life to create a better personal situation not only for themselves but their love ones as well. Published by, Martin James Publishing.

• Doc Dalton Team - Goal is to develop a group of young people 18 - 25 and mentor them and use the same steps shown within the book to help teach them that there is an easier way to make it in life if you use your head and follow a few simple steps.

One important goal claims Doc is to make it much more than just a team who helps themselves and forgets about others. It’s about taking this group of young people and teaching them the values of caring about others and that teaching and sharing their new found knowledge is a wonderful thing. The importance to help someone improve their life and the lives of their family is something that has a long lasting effect. It’s a gift that should be given wisely.

One last fact, to be a team member, you must be drug & alcohol free.
To find out more about Doc Dalton and his projects you can visit his website at: www.docdalton.com  or www.docdaltonshow.com