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An Open Letter to Rep. Scott Garrett


January 21, 2014 at 8:26 PM

These last few weeks have seen a resurgence in the debate over climate change.   Our two large snow storms and week-long cold snap seem to have convinced or re-convinced many that man's carbon producing activities are not in any way related to the changeing environment.   Watching the news would have one believe that this is simply a political persuasion no more based in facts than the budget or abortion debates.   While watching the news, I realized that I am represented by a congressman who believes just this.

Mr. Garrett,  we probably disagree deeply and philosophically about many things.   I realize you will probably never be swayed to another set of political views, so i will not try.   However, since you seem to either be poorly informed or simply ignoring facts, I would be remiss if I did not attempt to fill you in.   The Greenhouse Effect and its influence on the planet's climate and weather patterns, while admittedly not perfectly understood, are undisputed scientific facts.   I sincerely hope that you have reconsidered your views regarding scientific facts in the years since you advocated teaching intelligent design in schools, as scientific facts are generally hard to dispute.   The fact is that the effects of carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide on the average temperature of a closed system is a principle which can be observed in a fishtank.  The recent spate of cold weather does not negate these facts.   The months December through February are generally considered winter.   Durring that time, the weather can get cold.   However, average yearly temperatures have been consistantly rising, meaning the summers are getting hotter and the winters are getting less cold.   This is cold hard data and beyond dispute.

When you say of climate change, "the question is still out there", you are dead wrong.   These last three years, New Jersey has had two consecutive hurricanes.  It was 60 degrees and raining on christmas eve this year.   The question is not out there, it has been settled for years.   We know exactly what is causing climate change, it's us.   The times no longer allow us to ignore the reality staring us in the face.  This is no longer an abstract political debate, this is real.   We must take dramatic action to reverse this dangerous trend. I ask that you either modify your statements and actions towards the environment to fit the facts or step down from being a public servant.   

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