"Most people are living a "Treadmill Life". They increase the speed/difficulties and inclines/challenges they face, but yet get nowhere fast".


It appears that recently I have been viewed as a "Life Coach" by some people. I think they trust my judgement and feel comfortable telling me things. I have been blessed with this gift that people trust the advice I give them. It is something that runs in my family. I remember my grandfather always having people at his house asking for advice and also my father always being the go-to guy for help and guidance. I truly do love helping others, but I have come across one big problem, and that is the "Treadmill Life."

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The "Treadmill Life" is the lifestyle that so many people are living these days. People are busy doing a million things, yet nothing they do is actually helping them achieve their goals in life. Clients say they are too busy to do this or that, and they are honestly busy but they are busy doing things that aren't helping them get closer to their goals. STOP wasting time doing unnecessary things. Set a goal and don't let other distractions get you off the course. There are thousands of things you can occupy your time with so make sure they are all leading to a specific goal, set by you.

If you are not where you want to be or not doing what you want to do in life, I have news for you, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. Stop saying you can't do something you love because you are busy doing something you hate. Nothing is worse than a person who appears busy, focused, and moving forward only to realize that they are in the same spot they started at. Get off the treadmill of life, become a trend setter rather then a trend spender. There is no parking in the road of life, either get in gear or get out of the way.

This is not meant to offend anyone. If you realize that you have been living a treadmill life there is still hope for you. Hit stop, jump off, go out and live the life you want. Life is waiting for you right beyond your comfort zone, GO GET IT!

Christopher Flores is co-owner of Flo Fitness LLC in Westfield, NJ.