Atlantic County’s online sale of used government property has generated nearly $300,000 since 2008 when it began conducting online property auctions. According to County Executive Dennis Levinson that is more than twice the amount generated from live auctions conducted by the county between 2005 and 2008.

“Our online auctions have proven to be very successful. This is yet another way in which county government is working to generate revenue to help offset rising costs and maintain a stable and affordable tax rate,” he stated.

The county conducted three online auctions in 2010 as compared to its previous practice of two live auctions per year. Items typically available at auction include older model motor vehicles, heavy construction equipment, miscellaneous power equipment and parts as well as used or damaged office equipment and furniture.

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Recent online auctions have also included spent ammunition casings collected from the Atlantic County Firearms Training Facility in Egg Harbor Township which can be sold as scrap metal. A total of 600 gallons of casings were purchased through online auction during 2010 bringing in nearly $9,800 and accounting for 8.5% of the total gross receipts for the year’s auctions.

Computer monitors are another online auction success story. While they consistently failed to generate interest at live auction, the county received $237 for computer monitors during its December 2010 online auction.

“In the past we not only failed to get bids on monitors but we often had to pay for their removal and disposal,” noted Levinson. “This is another bonus realized by our online auctions.”

The county’s 2010 online auctions were coordinated by its Division of Budget and Purchasing and conducted by, a state contracted vendor.

Levinson said the county will continue to utilize online auctions to sell discarded items, free up storage space and increase revenue.