Morristown, NJ – Atlantic Health System today hosted its 23rd annual systemwide Research and Innovation Day Symposium. The symposium, held at Morristown Medical Center, highlighted the critical role research and innovation play in delivering exceptional clinical care, ensuring positive patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs. The program included studies from Atlantic Health System investigators and industry (pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies).

“Research and innovation are critical to advancing healthcare and ensuring patients have access to new therapies that can ultimately improve the quality of their lives,” said Amy Perry, CEO, Hospital Division, Atlantic Health System. “Atlantic Health System is committed to creating a culture of innovation that inspires our workforce and physicians to ideate solutions that improve care delivery and clinical outcomes and reduce the growing cost of healthcare.” 

The event was keynoted by Sunil Sharma, MD, Deputy Director, TGen Clinical Sciences, and Professor and Division Director, Applied Cancer Research and Drug Discovery, who highlighted advancements in immune-oncology that offer hope to cancer patients.

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Key presentations included:

  • Whether antibiotic cement used in arthroplasty procedures is cost effective in terms of infection prevention
  • The discovery that elevated levels of the cerebrospinal fluid chemokine CXCL13 in nervous system Lyme disease can aid in the diagnosis of that condition
  • The finding that patients hospitalized for pneumonia or acute exacerbation of COPD shorten their hospital stays when they engage in mobility sessions rather than rest in bed.

As part of its vision of improving lives and empowering communities through health, hope, and healing, Atlantic Health System works with pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers to conduct research across a wide range of therapeutic areas to help evaluate experimental drugs and drug combinations, medical devices and procedures. This ensures patients continually have access to the latest treatments, even before they are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Further, many investigators choose to work at Atlantic Health System because it allows them to conduct high-quality research, while continuing their clinical practice—a benefit not often seen in large health systems. 

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The day also showcased innovations and inventions created by Atlantic Health System team members through AHa!, Atlantic Health System’s idea incubator. Created in 2017 to encourage innovations by Atlantic Health System team members, AHa! continues to spark new ideas that improve patient care and generate research patents.

Inventions showcased included:

  • The Lighted Polyhedral Retractor, designed to create space around the thyroid so surgeons can more easily avoid veins and blood vessels during procedures.
  • An Image Distance Control Device system, which allows nurses to obtain consistent photographs over time by providing positioning, orientation and lighting consistency by way of a novel camera phone attachment—resulting in more consistent and accurate photographs for the ongoing assessment and treatment of healing wounds.
  • The ISSI® Box, which safely labels and stores insulin between nursing shifts in order to reduce insulin waste

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