CHATHAM, NJ - Bailey Brower Jr. and his wife, Taz, the founders of the Noe Pond Club in 1955, voiced their support for the grassroots group "Save Noe Pond" during public commentary read into the record at Thursday night's Chatham Township Committee meeting.

Greg LaConte, the township clerk, read the email sent in by the Browers, which said: "Taz and I would like to see the Noe Pond Club continue as a public or recreational facility. Having created it, we have 50 years invested in this wonderful family club and would be willing to help in any way that we can, including financially, if the Save Noe Pond group or the Township can be successful in acquiring the land from the Silverman Group."

Real Estate developer, the Silverman Group, completed its purchase of the Noe Pond Club last month. Previous owners Kim (the Browers' daughter) and Chuck Barton notified members that the club had ceased operation in an email message to members just before Christmas.

Save Noe Pond and the Great Swamp Watershed Association have joined forces to oppose overdevelopment in Chatham Township and advocate for the preservation of the environment. Save Noe Pond is organizing a protest march in opposition to "high density" real estate development of the pond set for 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 23.