TRENTON, NJ - Sen. Kip Bateman’s resolution designating Oct. 8th as Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in New Jersey was signed by Gov. Phil Murphy Tuesday. The date is significant, chosen for hydrogen’s atomic weight, 1.008.

“The annual observance will help promote these clean, safe and virtually limitless sources of energy,” said Bateman (R-16th), the ranking Republican member of the Senate Environment and Energy committee. “It’s an opportunity for stakeholders from science, industry, government and academia to espouse the benefits of clean hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. These advances are ready and available now for applications ranging from powering vehicles to delivering electricity to residences and businesses.”

Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe, making up 90 percent of the universe by weight. Fuel cells utilize hydrogen and oxygen from the air to produce electricity. The only byproducts of this clean energy are water and heat.

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“New Jersey, with its dense population, packed highways and heavy energy demands is ideally suited for hydrogen and fuel cell applications,” Bateman said. “In addition to the environmental benefits and convenience, efficient fuel cells offer an economic alternative to the relatively high cost of electricity.”

Portable hydrogen cells can quickly restore power after a natural disaster like Superstorm Sandy and areas where the power grid is damaged or unreliable.