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Acne is a skin condition that affects up to 80% of young people in their teens and twenties and up to 5% of older adults. It is the most common skin disease treated by physicians. We are inundated with products to treat acne which can be very costly and precious time is wasted with treatments that just don't work. Your frustration ends here with a treatment that "gets to the root" of the problem, which is where the acne starts.

Obagi's Clenziderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic Systems are different than other acne products. It is the only prescription-strength treatment that contains a soluble form of 5% benzoyl peroxide which is designed to penetrate deep into the follicle and clear acne fast. Other BPO treatments are formulated with insoluble micro or macro crystals which can remain on the surface of the skin which tends to clump and limits penetration into the follicle.


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Clenziderm Systems are physician-dispensed for a reason. These 3-step acne therapies can clear skin quickly when used under the supervision of a skincare professional. It is available in 2 distinct systems, normal to oily and normal to dry, deopending on your skin type. It has been clinically proven to reduce acne lesions in two weeks and provide clearer, healthier skin---fast.

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Dr. C. Duncan Burnett is a board-certified African-American plastic surgeon with a solo practice in Westfield NJ, Burnett Plastic Surgery.  He has extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for people of color, an expertise that is appreciated by the growing number of non-Caucasian plastic surgery patients because of their unique skin and body characteristics.

The goal of plastic surgery for people of color is not to minimize ethnic identity, but rather to address specific needs and challenges that occur, seeking an outcome that improves natural beauty, boosts self-esteem, and retains individualityDr. Burnett is one of only two African-American plastic surgeons in northern New Jersey.

African American skin tends to be thicker and more vulnerable to scarring because it’s more oily than white skin.  “One of the big concerns African Americans and people of color have when getting plastic surgery is the tendency for darker skin to develop keloids.  I use minimally invasive treatments in the treatment of people of color that help to limit scar formation”  says Dr. Burnett.  “Patients want to know that their doctor has worked with their skin”.

What do patients say about Dr. Burnett? Patients say that Dr. Burnett is a perfectionist, and that they really feel cared about in his hands. Dr. Burnett demonstrates his commitment to perfection starting in each patient’s first meeting: “I want to find out what’s bothering each patient. I need to make sure I understand each new patient well enough to give her what she really wants”.

“We get very involved with each patient. We take our time. Most doctors go only as far as eliminating the problems that patients complain about. We listen.”  This shows Dr. Burnett’s own standards, and is one of the outstanding characteristics that makes him a top plastic surgeon in New Jersey.

Burnett Plastic Surgery is managed by Patricia Burnett RN who personally assists patients with surgical pre- and post-op preparations, as well as supervises practice daily activities.  One additional registered nurse is on staff to assist Dr. Burnett with in-office patient procedures.

Dr. Burnett is a Board Certified surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a fellow of The American College of Surgeons, and has practiced in Westfield for sixteen years.  Dr. Burnett is affiliated with Overlook Hospital in Summit NJ, and Robert Wood University Hospital at Rahway in Rahway, NJ.

Dr. Burnett enjoys staying up-to-date on new procedures and receives updated professional training, provided by these organizations where he is a member:

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

 American College of Surgeons

New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons


For more information on Dr. Burnett and Burnett Plastic Surgery, please refer to, or contact Maryanne Hedrick at 201-320-3748/


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