EDISON, NJ - Bianca’s Kids is dedicated to helping children and their families overcome challenges and hardships. There is one hardship that goes right to the core of the organizations values and that is childhood cancer. No child, parent or family should ever have to endure this form of hardship.

Recently, Bianca’s Kids learned of a battle being fought against childhood cancer by the Velona Family. Bianca’s Kids wanted to know how they could help the family. Danielle and Rob Velona provided information that would was sure to make little Giuliana smile. Guiliana Velona is a bright eyed eight year old little one, who unlike others her age, loves to read.

Bianca’s Kids, with the help of Beth Wilson, sprung into action and got to do what they do best, grant a wish. Guiliana received her very own Pink Kindle Fire on October 21.
Guiliana is now bed ridden and her days are becoming increasingly more difficult. Perhaps the wish granted by Bianca’s Kids is very minor. However, in the scope of things, Guiliana is only eight years old and her imagination can run free through the stories she can now read on her very own Pink Kindle Fire.