PARKLAND, FL- Parkland businessman Bill Reicherter has announced that he'll be running for Parkland City Commissioner, District 1, this November. Reicherter, a father of three, has lived in Parkland for the past 16 years and is looking forward to the opportunity to serve the city of Parkland in an increased role. He grew up on Long Island and learned the value of hard work and running a business from his father, working with his dad from the age of ten.

Today, he is the CEO of three companies and has worked on many projects, including the new Hard Rock Stadium and solar panel signs for FPL floating in the Everglades. In addition, he is the founder of two companies supplying personal protective equipment products to businesses and citizens, which were formed in the midst of the outbreak with a goal to get PPE and hand sanitizer to those who need it at the lowest price possible. He also started an organization focused on providing more green energy solutions to the electric vehicle industry.

"I believe we are at a critical time in Parkland," says Reicherter.  "Our local businesses have undergone so much through COVID-19 and as a small business owner helping them to rebuild and grow is a top priority. I truly understand their hardships and needs and want to help our community unite around our local businesses."

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Reicherter spent time with TAPinto Parkland, sharing his thoughts on the current state of Parkland and what the community needs in a Q & A session.

Have you ever been involved in the political scene before? Anyone in your family?

No, but I am truly looking forward to the potential to serve Parkland residents.

What about the City Commissioner job interests you the most?

Safety remains an absolute top priority. With my background in construction, I believe I can truly help expedite and implement the new protocols that must be put in place to create a safe space for our kids. I want to listen to all the views of parents and continue to work diligently on making forward progress on school safety.

As a 16-year resident of Parkland I have seen the tremendous growth of Parkland. I believe smart infrastructure to meet this growth is absolutely essential. My planning skill set lends itself to truly listening to the community and creating a plan that preserves the unique community of Parkland we all love in conjunction with smart infrastructure we need.

And finally I want to unify our community. I want to communicate and listen to our diverse voices and needs in Parkland. I believe we are stronger together and encourage community members to please email me their perspectives at!

What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of Parkland as a city right now?

I am very proud to be a part of the Parkland community! One of the top strengths is the vibrant family environment. I believe another tremendous strength is the willingness of Parkland residents to participate in creating our very special community unity.

As for weakness, I believe right now we need sound planning for businesses to grow and become an integral part of our community infrastructure strategy. I want to help local businesses flourish.

Another vital component we are facing is the need for smart infrastructure planning. I have worked in construction and development for decades and I believe the foundation we implement now for our cities is absolutely vital for the future of Parkland growing sustainably. Finally, after 16 years as a resident, I believe overseeing sound traffic flow planning is imperative to residents quality of life, especially the Loxahatchee Road safety and infrastructure plan.

What are your long term aspirations?

I have spent my entire life helping my family and as a small business owner. Right now I am completely focused on serving my community. I want to look back and know I contributed my love of supporting businesses, passion for implementing safety into our community and creating a sustainable, smart growth plan. I want to serve Parkland in this critical time of growth.

Where do you see the City of Parkland in 10 years? What will be different? What is going to be needed?

In 10 years I want to see a vibrant Parkland business community, we will need more local business to support the growth and to have implemented a smart community infrastructure. For the growth our city is experiencing we need absolutely proven leadership in construction, development and safety to ensure all residents benefit and are heard.

Anything else you'd like to add? How to support your run for City Commissioner?

As the Founder of a PPE company, I want to offer every single resident a safety kit for free with sanitizer, gloves and PPE so we can ensure we do our part to keep our community safe. Email me at to get yours. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook Bill Reicherter as I truly want to hear and communicate directly with residents. I will be hosting discussions, videos and Fitness Friday’s for my fellow Peleton enthusiasts!