Blizzard Brings 20+ Inches to Our Area

Sculpture in snow
Storm Photo of snow-covered twin bird houses colorfully painted by 3-year old twins so that the birds will find their houses in the snow.
Photo of snow on Valley Road in Madison, Feb. 10th
2010 Blizzard in Morristown, NJ
February 10th snowfall in Summit
Storm photo

The blizzard of 2010 dumped over twenty inches of snow in many parts of our area yesterday and into today, leaving residents attempting to shovel the fluffy stuff as 40 mile per hour winds blew.  Public schools were closed yesterday as were many municipal buildings.  Today, most public schools are closed and some municipal buildings remain closed.

Readers of The Alternative Press answered our call to send us photos of the storm.  Here you can view a sampling of what we received.  We welcome you to continue to send storm photos our way:  We will continue to publish "the best of the best."

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