Bloomfield, NJ--Like most businesses in Bloomfield and across America, Brookdale Pet Center is seeing the effects of COVID-19.  Knowing that it's not just humans who are suffering during this time, the neighborhood pet store decided that they could leverage their customer base in order to provide pet food for those who are on hard times and may not have the means of doing so. 

The shop has set up a GoFundMe page to help the cause and pledges to use all proceeds from the campaign to provide pet food to the Human Needs Food Pantry.  The following is the details from the GoFundMe page which can be reached by clicking

Here at Brookdale Pet Center, we have been serving our community for about 25 years. Since we are about to hit 1,000 followers on our Instagram page , we have decided that it would a great idea to donate 1,000 pounds of pet food towards the Human Needs Food Pantry, and we need YOUR help to do so! For every $1,000 we raise through our GoFundMe, we will donate an additional 1,000 pounds of pet food!

With the recent event that has been occurring lately, this is our opportunity to show that our community is STRONGER and TOGETHER more than we ever were before. When we called the Human Needs Food Pantry to see what we could do to help out, Janet mentioned that people are always calling them to see if they have any pet food. Pets are a part of our family, and we need to make sure that we help out our families as much as possible!