SPARTA, NJ - The Sparta Board of Education approved the winning bid for the high school track resurfacing project at the work session on Monday. The lowest of the three bids received was by American Athletic Courts, Inc. for a base bid amount of $698,500. In addition to the base bid there were three alternate items in the bid that the board voted on.  These items include:

  • Installation of a new fence around the track for $50,000
  • Removing the existing stone road and installing clean stone for $12,000
  • Changing the color of the track from red to blue for $20,000

This brings the total contract price to $780,000. In the Board of Education’s 2014-2015 budget, $500,000 was allocated for the project. The board will also be voting to transfer $253,500 from the Capital Reserve account to supplement the budget for the track project. 

During the budget discussions in the winter it was stated the track project would not exceed $700,000. When asked about exceeding that number before the project begins Jack Surdoval said, “That is how the bids came back. This is the lowest bid.” 

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In addition to the cost of the track reconstruction, as outlined in the bid, there are additional engineering services fees to be approved. According to the resolution on the agenda, the board will be approving up to $13,000 for “Phase II bidding and construction administration through final inspection and punch list.”  The resolution also includes “Project Administration, if required at a rate of $95 per hour as needed.”

Twice, previous boards of education have placed different track and field proposals out for a vote. Both times these referenda were rejected. This project will used money from existing funds within the budget so there is no need for a public vote. This project will only provide for a resurfacing of the existing track. It does not expand the track, nor does it include a turf field, as was part of the other two proposals. 

As part of the budget process, the current board of education voted to approve allocating banked cap funds and additional reserve funds for capital projects including the track, repairs to parking lots, refurbish a gymnasium floor and other items.  They rejected the superintendent’s recommendation to allocate the banked cap funds to implement full day kindergarten.

The next board of education meeting will be on Monday, June 30 at 7:30 in the auditorium of Mohawk Avenue School.