MADISON, NJ - I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Newark, NJ when I married my wife Donna, 32 years ago.  .  Following my marriage 32 years ago to Donna, we settled in Newark, NJ, her home town.   As our family grew, Donna and I made the decision to move.  We looked long and hard and ultimately found Madison.  Settling here 21 years ago, we found the community that we had been seeking for years.  Madison had everything a family could wish for - good schools, good recreational facilities, a lovely historic downtown with a museum, a movie theater, great transportation and even an ice cream parlor.  The town provided excellent services and the residents clearly loved their home town. Volunteerism seemed to be a way of life for everyone!

My three children thrived, made good friends and received a thorough and solid education.  My wife and I embraced all that the town had to offer.  I first volunteered for the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps and then the Madison Police Auxiliary, followed by an assignment to the Madison Board of Health. I was appointed Coordinator of the Madison Office of Emergency Management, where, working with Borough agencies and officials, managed Madison’s response through Hurricane Irene, the October Snow Storm and Hurricane Sandy. To date, I have volunteered in excess of 32,000 hours and have negotiated almost $2 million in FEMA reimbursements for the town.  On Council, in addition to numerous liaison positions, I lead the Bayley Ellard field improvement project, co-sponsored revisions the noise ordinance, supported municipal budgets that have our town back on track and now serve as Council President. 

On the Council, I have had the good fortune to work with many fine, dedicated people. One of those is Carmela Vitale. Carmela is a three term councilwoman who works tirelessly for the residents of Madison.  This year we are both up for re-election.  We both want to run again and we want to continue to work together to ensure that Madison continues to be such a great place to live in.  And so we have decided to run together.  We both know the issues facing Madison do not carry labels; they are simply Madison issues.  Working together these past three years, we and our colleagues on Council have been able to maintain services,  expand shared services, deal effectively with two hurricanes and an October snowstorm, while controlling taxes.

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I have learned a lot over these past three years.  I’ve learned that each council member brings their own experiences, opinions, and knowledge to the table. Working together, our job is to represent each and every resident by maintaining the services and amenities we have come to expect in a fiscally responsible and honest way. Together, Carmela Vitale and I will continue to work tirelessly for each and every resident. I hope that we can count on the voters of Madison to return us to office on November 4.