Travels did not get to see Bon Jovi the second night of the Madison Square Gardens set. However, their opening band was kind enough to send us a statement.  That is a nice consolation!

“This House is not for Sale” tour is special in that Bon Jovi brought on local talent to headline for them in each city.  TEMPT was one of the bands selected and they opened for Bon Jovi last night.

It’s every musicians dream to play in Madison Square Garden.  The opportunity to play in front of this crowd was not lost on the fine young gentlemen of TEMPT.

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“We're a rock band and Bon Jovi is baked into our DNA. We're fans of theirs in the truest sense. We respect Jon as an artist, songwriter and producer and also really admire his work ethic and his management skills as he has continued to lead the band from success to success on a career that few other artists have.” said Tempt guitarist Harrison Marcello. 

“We can't thank him enough for paying it back and extending a helping hand down to us and the other bands that have had the opportunity to open for him. It is a rare occurrence these days. Opening for a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer at Madison Square Garden is unfreakinbelievable! We'd also like to thank Live Nation and WBAB for helping to make it possible."  Added Lead Vocalist, Zach Allen.

Being a New York City based travel site, we were pleased to be sent Tempt’s new video “Under My Skin” which showcased the City.  The band hopped into a classic Chrysler 300 and showcased the City for the video.  With iconic shots of the East River bridges, the Bowery, and Times Square, it is a travel video itself.  They even managed to do a drive by of our headquarters.  We are sure that accidental, but thanks!


  • Zach Allen: Lead Vocals
  • Harrison Marcello: Guitar
  • Nick Burrows: Drums
  • Chris Gooden: Bass

Check them out on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram.

About TEMPT:

NYC based TEMPT were the first new band ever signed by legendary A&R man and journalist Derek Oliver to his Rock Candy Records Label. 

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