The meeting for the Madison Planning Board Regular Meeting scheduled for Tuesday February 18, 2020 at 7:30pm is as follows:

 1. Call to Order by Chairperson

2. Pledge of Allegiance

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3. Announcement of Notice

4. Approval of Minutes

5. Comments by the Public

RESOLUTIONS FOR MEMORIALIZATION – CASE NO. P 19-009 Resolution granting the Minor Subdivision to Borough of Madison on property located at 50 Central Avenue commonly known on the Borough of Madison Tax Map as Block: 1601 Lot: 1 for adoption.

6. NEW BUSINESS – PUBLIC HEARING AND PRESENTATION of an Updated Open Space and Recreation Plan for Green Acres and to consider the Adoption of the Plan as the Open Space and Recreation Element of the Borough’s Master Plan.

7. OLD BUSINESS – CASE NO. P 19-005 Preliminary and Final Site Plan with Variances 16 Waverly Place, LLC 16 Waverly Place Block: 2702, Lot: 28

8. PLANNING DISCUSSION - Solar Ordinance



Motion by ________________ Seconded by__________________ CARRIED AT _______________________


The meeting will take place in the Court/Meeting Room located at 50 Kings Road, Madison NJ