BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Devon McLean, a Boy Scout from Troop 368, completed his Eagle Project on November 29th and is expecting an Eagle Scout Board of Review this week. 

 In Boy Scouts, there are six ranks that a Boy Scout may achieve. It starts from Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle. Becoming an Eagle Scout is the greatest challenge that a Boy Scout can overcome.

The Eagle Scout Board of Review is the last step and most challenging requirement to acquire the rank. McClean's project was to repave the walkway that leads to the flagpole in front of Mountain Park School. It took months to plan the project and took exactly 5-6 weeks to buy, map out, remove the old stones, and install the new stones into the ground.

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“He was a man on a mission!  He was focused and determined to turn the flag pole area at Mountain Park from something that was just there into something more useful and attractive for the Mountain Park community.  ...and the results reflect his focus - it's beautiful!” said Bill Mitreuter. 

One of the core aspects of Scouting is learning how to lead others. Completing an Eagle Project is centered around this principle to give one final test to the Scout to prove that he is worthy of receiving such a high reward such as the Eagle Scout Rank. The Project requires the Scout to think of an idea, get it approved by their Eagle Coach, make a first draft of the project, send it to Council for comments, rewrite the project for a final plan, then send it to Council again to gain approval, then complete the actual project. These stages can take weeks or months on their own, and prove the ultimate challenge for a Boy Scout.

The Eagle Scout goal is well worth the effort, and becoming an Eagle does not just help for college applications, but also proves worthy later in life when applying for jobs. If you would like to join scouts or get involved, go to  and enter your zip code to find a troop near you.