It’s not easy to build self-esteem if you don’t know how. So find comfort in knowing that self-esteem is definitely something that you can build and improve upon. As I believe and often preach, positive words are paramount to this transformative process.

The reason words can produce drastic life changing results is because words carry energy, which is activated by our emotions. What mostly influences the kind of words we choose as our external and internal dialog lies at the foundation of self-esteem.

Yes, that’s right. The way we feel about ourselves affects the words we use to describe the world around us. And since we know that words yield power, look around your environment. Are you happy with what you’ve created?

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Breaking free from the constraints of low-self esteem can be as simple as changing the way you speak about your confidence level or what ever you see as less than satisfying.

Think about a specific area of your life that you are lacking confidence and compassion for yourself. Think about the “deficiency” that troubles you the most: money, success, relationship, weight? Now, think about the words you use in your internal dialog to speak about that particular lack in your life. I am certain it is all disparaging.

The point is that if you begin choosing positive words to describe that aspect in which you are self-disliking, even if you don’t believe it, you will elevate your thought energy and eventually begin to shift your belief of the core self.

Have you ever taken the time to look into your own eyes? It may take some practice, but this skill will change the way you think about yourself. When you view yourself in the mirror, your attention might be drawn to externals like your clothes, hair, weight, blemishes and so on. If this sounds like you, try the exercise below. It will help you to see yourself differently.

Liking the face in the mirror is a simple, yet profound exercise that will help you build a healthier relationship with your core self, and for you to begin acknowledging your own infinite and unchanging self worth.

Liking the Face in the Mirror:

  1. During the next 5 days, make it your regimen to look into a mirror for about 5 minutes in the morning and at night before you go to bed.
  2. Look into your eyes in the mirror with love and compassion for yourself. Look with real understanding and emotion. Try to understand what’s behind your lack of confidence and let it subside. As you continue this practice with love, you will notice a change in your eyes and you will feel more comfortable with yourself. Your energy will become amicable.
  3. Repeat this exercise often. It will strengthen your core self, and that strength will pave the foundation upon which your self-esteem will begin to build.

Over time, as you continue to look into your eyes and see the core self, a sense of wholesomeness and good feelings will take root and begin to spread within. Appearances and externals will come to assume its correct importance, and you will notice that you begin to look forward to and enjoy looking into the mirror because your focus is now on what is of infinite worth, the core self – which you see through the eyes of love.