BREAKING: Rizzo Campaign Maintains  
             They Qualified for Matching Funds 


April 14, 2021 




MORRIS COUNTY, NJ – After citizens rallied to raise $250,000 for Gubernatorial 
candidate Phil Rizzo in less than 12 hours – shocking New Jersey insiders – ELEC has  ruled that the Rizzo campaign did not qualify for matching funding.

However, the Rizzo Campaign maintains they fully qualified for matching funds by the 
April 5th deadline and the campaign was in constant contact with ELEC staff during the  unprecedented events of April 5 and throughout the submission process. 

The vast amount of widespread support, evidenced by over $250K in donations in the  final eight hours, majority of which were small dollar donations, created a last-minute  challenge in the system for all involved.

The Rizzo Campaign has met both the statutory threshold, and the statutory deadline to  raise the necessary funds, and can prove that well over $490K of donations were in the  campaign’s account prior to the deadline on April 5th but experienced technical difficulties uploading the documentation. 

Counsel for the campaign is filing an appeal in this decision. We believe the actions of  ELEC ignore the intent of the campaign matching funds program. 

“Hundreds of people made their voices heard to get us to this point and we believe the  facts merit a re-evaluation by ELEC,” Phil Rizzo said Wednesday. “We aren’t about to let down the people of New Jersey who are ready to get their lives back and want a change from the status quo. We’re fighters and we’ve been a grassroots campaign from  the beginning. We believe we can get our message to New Jerseyans regardless of 
ELEC’s decision. But with that said, we’re optimistic that ELEC will reconsider based on  the facts we present.”     

Rizzo and long-time candidate Jack Ciattarelli stand to be the only candidates to reach  matching funds in the Republican primary contest, with the other contenders falling short.  




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