Oh, October.  I love this month. Gorgeous colors as leaves change,  cool breezes as Halloween approaches, and pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere - even in my shampoo!  But the biggest fashion news this October is that I am wearing my favorite item - my black and white skull sweater.  Yes. Skulls. Who knew?  I love skulls; I can’t tell you why (I finally said good bye to my red skull exercise shirt, when it frayed beyond recognition. Very sad.).  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it gives me a chance to be a little edgy and live on the dark side of the season.  Maybe it is a little tongue-in-cheek.  Maybe I just like the sweater.  Whatever the reason, I am happy that October is here and I am able to bring out the skulls. 


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This obsession started simply enough.  I found a fun sweater in Loehmann’s last year.  Do you remember Loehmann’s?  I used to shop there all the time; it was my go-to place.  I was able to build my entire wardrobe at Loehmann’s.  I loved the variety and selection, I loved peeking into the ‘Back Room,’ and I loved the fact that it was not so far away.  But Loehmann’s moved several years ago and it hasn’t been the same.  I try it every now and then just to see what’s inside without much expectation.  Occasionally I do find something, which is how I bought my skull sweater.  It is special because it’s very soft and supple and people notice it.  However, now I know I am obsessed because I crave more skulls in my wardrobe. One sweater is not enough.  The other day I found myself ordering a black skull ring from QVC.  Before I knew it, I was dialing their 800 number, while my son looked on in wonder.  (Afterward, he told me that he agreed with my decision to get the black ring rather than the white, so I felt better!).  Sadly, the rings are on backorder and won’t arrive until December.  I guess other people love skulls, too.


If you want to try adding some skulls to your wardrobe, start small with an accessory.  It will make a strong statement without a big commitment. Earrings, rings, necklaces and scarfs are simple and easy ways to incorporate skulls.  Alexander McQueen had a beautiful series of skull scarfs last spring, but I warn you – they were pricey!


So, are you a fan of skulls as I am?  If you see me wandering the streets this month wearing my sweater you will know this secret obsession of mine.  I like October’s dark side.





Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.  Fashion questions?  Feel free to write to Melissa at MelroseStyle@hotmail.com.