PARSIPPANY, NJ -- TAPintoTV recently visited the brand-new facility of Caggiano Orthodontics and spoke with founder Dr. David Caggiano, who took us on a tour of their new center, highlighting the many improvements to enhance their patients’ safety and comfort. 

“I had a vision of what I wanted to build and what I wanted my patients to experience,” Caggiano said. Upon entering, one is greeted by high-tech concierge tables dedicated to checking patients in and out, as well as semi-private stations for tooth brushing. The reception area is very bright and comfortable, with table seating for patients or siblings who need to do homework. The facility has open windows throughout each side, which brings in natural light, which is comforting to patients. 

Caggiano built in many additional safety measures to the facility’s design for patient and team needs, as well as meeting COVID-19 requirements. 

Stations are wide apart with partitions between them for added social distancing as well as privacy. The sterilization area is fully visible from the main floor, so patients are “fully confident that we’re following all the guidelines,” Caggiano said. They use a class B sterilizing system, which is the same level of sterilization used at hospitals, above and beyond what the state of New Jersey requires. 

Caggiano Orthodontics’ policy allows parents and family members to come back to the treatment area with patients. “It helps treatment go better, and it keeps an open line of communication,” Caggiano said. “We’re making smiles and treating teeth, but we’re treating people,” he said. 

Each station is fully equipped with the latest technology, individual sinks and tool storage close at hand. The chairs are adjustable, ergonomic and very comfortable, made with memory foam. “A lot of kids come in and say, ‘hey, can I take this home and watch TV in it?’,” Caggiano said. There is a computer at each station, and the facility is fully digital, so team members have instant access to patient records, photos and X-rays. 

“We have an amazing facility here,” Caggiano said. “My team helps deliver exceptional care. The patient comes in, and they may be wowed by the building, but I want them to be wowed by the treatment and how they feel.” 

“We have a tagline: you’ll love the way we make you smile,” Caggiano added. “You’re going to be smiling every step along the way.” To learn more about Caggiano Orthodontics, visit them online at