I am in support of Sophia Chadda and Jon Sandler for Bernards Township Committee. In the past, they have reached out to businesses and residents to find out what their concerns are with our town. Now, they are reaching out to the younger voters of Bernards Township. 

They are holding a special Town Hall on Thursday, September 24 at 7PM. They have invited a panel of local high school and college voters to have a conversation with them about issues that concern our younger voters. They are allowing viewers to ask questions via Facebook at https://bit.ly/2RTpm3W and YouTube at https://bit.ly/3028b4Q.

And this is the 7th Town Hall that Chadda and Sandler have done for our town! If you want to see the other videos on YouTube, including special guests Sheriff Darrin Russo, County Clerk Steve Peter, and others, please go here: https://bit.ly/3kCyZAg

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Chadda and Sandler have an excellent platform made up of six priorities. Everything from property taxes and home values to diversity, inclusion, and belonging and much more. The platform is described in detail here: https://www.btdems.org/chadda-sandler-2020/

In a year when canvassing is not completely possible nor is it always welcomed by homeowners, our newspapers, online newspapers, and social media platforms are the best ways to get out a message. So, I encourage our young voters to tune in tomorrow night to learn about our candidates and see where they stand on the issues. To other residents, please look at their platform and take a look at the past Town Halls and short videos to understand more about these excellent candidates.

Thank you for considering Sophia Chadda and Jon Sandler for Bernards Township Committee. 

#Leadership Matters


Nancy D'Andrea

Basking Ridge, NJ