Julia Thorne, Manager for Immigration Issues and Immigration Counsel in the Office of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA, will visit Wyoming Church on Sunday, April 3, for an Adult Education program at 11:15 a.m. The program will be held downstairs in Fellowship Hall after the 10:00 a.m. worship service. She will discuss the resolution passed by the 219th General Assembly to educate, empower, and facilitate Presbyterians to stand in solidarity with and for the immigrants, strangers, and aliens among us and to make just immigration a reality. Come and learn about immigration reform with theological and ethical principles.

General Assembly is the governing body of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. Guided by theological and ethical principles, G.A. has called for a commitment from both Presbyterians and the government to work toward welcoming immigrants into our communities and providing just laws that affect those who live and work in the United States. Additionally, General Assembly resolved to make congregations aware of the many human rights violations connected with Immigrant Detention Facilities.

While being in violation of immigration laws is a civil matter and not a crime; men, women, and children are increasingly being incarcerated for these infractions. Immigration detainees are not entitled to the same due process as those who are arrested for crimes such as theft, murder, or rape.  Immigration detainees are not guaranteed access to an attorney, bail, or protected by other civil liberties.  In some cases, immigration detainees who complain are punished with solitary confinement. Frequently the state takes custody of the children of those swept up in immigration raids or otherwise in custody of immigration, and often parents do not know where their children end up.

Thorne is responsible for delivery of legal advice to presbyteries and churches on matters relating to immigration law.  She also coordinates immigration advocacy efforts and creates and distributes immigration resources.