LIVINGSTON, NJ -- Last spring, Dr. Alvaro Alban and Chelsea Alban opened CardioYoga studio in Livingston ( after they were unable to find a fitness regime that would keep them in shape but also prevent many of the injuries they both saw in their practices.  

Dr. Alban, an emergency physician, has had more than 15 years experience in emergency medicine treating patients with sprains, broken bones, heart attacks, strokes and complications from diabetes. Chelsea, who had a background in massage therapry, had clients who were coming to her massage table frequently complaining of injuries from running, pulled muscles from lack of stretching or even more serious complications from working out without proper guidance on their form.

With their understanding of anatomy and physiology, combined with their own passion for fitness and yoga, the Albans decided to create a space where people would get an effective workout, stay in shape and most importantly be safe.

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The classes at CardioYoga combine high intensity interval training (HIIT), weight training, yoga stretching and core strengthening. Together these four elements of fitness will help any person achieve optimal health.

HIIT is an aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate to increase yours heart’s role to circulate blood throughout the body. Plus, this is the part of the workout where you body is going to burn fat and raise your metabolism so you can continue to burn calories even after the class is over.

The muscle toning will not only strengthen your muscles and make you look good in your clothes, but it will also strengthen your bones and help reduce inflammation--something we all need to focus on as we age.

The benefits of yoga are endless and amazing. At CardioYoga, the focus is to make sure you don’t walk out of a class without working on your flexibility and core strength. Most of the fitness injuries people suffer from could be prevented by stretching, which many don’t want to take the time to do, but CardioYoga builds stretching right into their classes for you.

If you’re new to working out or are looking for a place to get in shape that won’t end with you in the emergency room, CardioYoga offers your first two classes for just $10 each. Click here for more information.