LIVINGSTON, NJ - A Superbowl Tailgate Party was held at CareOne at Livingston Assisted Living Wednesday night for local senior professionals.

Regional Director of Assisted Living at Care One, Darren Seise, explained that the primary goal of the event was to give related professionals an opportunity to meet one another and network.

“It’s important to network to know what other services are out there, so we can help point seniors in better directions,” Seise said.

Seise said that email initiations were sent from Care One’s database of professionals and over 50 people were in attendance.

“There is a really good turn out and it seems like everyone is enjoying the fun Superbowl-themed kick-off party,” Seise said.

Home Care Representative of Patient Care, Victoria Cerrato, told The Alternative Press that she recently also became the liaison for the Care One facility, to refer patients who are in need of home care.

“I came out tonight to meet everyone because I just started this position two weeks ago, so I’d
like to network with people that I will come in contact with in the future,” Cerrato said.

Cerrato was a winner of the raffle and went home with a limited edition Superbowl Patrick
Willis jersey.

She said that it’s important to collect business cards to refer to each other because everyone
works together for the need for the patient.

“It’s all about learning the people you work with and having a repoire with them to help their
patients,” Cerrato said.

Attorney for elder care, Janet Pew, said that this is her first time attending a Care One event.
She explained her goal for Wednesday night was to get a look at the facility and to meet with
other eldercare professionals to get a better understanding of what they do.

“It;s important to know all different resources available to our clients and its really good to
make connections,” Pew said.

She added that the Superbowl theme was a fun way of getting people together and break the