Over the years, colt-starting competitions have become all the rage across the country. In these events, horse trainers compete against each other as they work with horses of all kinds, including the completely untrained horse or one with training issues. However, riding instructors and trail riding/packing experts can also get in on the action and share their competitive side through the Certified Horsemanship Association’s Riding Instructor Challenge and CHA’s Trail Challenge. If you are a horse expo or event looking for an exciting event with educational merit for horse lovers, these two challenges can provide that.

The Riding Instructor Challenge focuses on whether a riding instructor can teach a riding student to have more success in the saddle. Give attendees of your equine event the chance to watch riding instructors battle it out as they teach beginner and intermediate riders certain skills within a set time frame on school horses.

The CHA Riding Instructor Challenge brings riders of around the same level together for instructors to teach during a sample lesson as judges take notes and evaluate their skills. The audience is also encouraged to mingle and observe all the action. The instructor that teaches in the safest and most effective and fun manner will come out on top. This event always brings laughter and smiles from the audience while also allowing the audience to see what a safe riding lesson and an effective riding instructor should look like.

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In addition, CHA also offers the CHA Trail Challenge, which involves a three-part challenge for teams of two to compete in various events to showcase their skills in packing out into the wilderness with your horse. The events can include knots and knot tying, highlines and picket lines, packing, hobbling, fire building, and more. The fastest team to complete the included judged challenges correctly wins. CHA can bring this competition to your event to excite your attendees and provide additional information on how to safely pack out or take longer trips with their horses.

For events that want to host either the CHA Riding Instructor Challenge or the CHA Trail Challenge, please visit http://cha.horse/store/pages/212/CHA-Horsemanship-Videos.html for video previews of each event and/or contact CHA in Lexington, Ky., at 859-259-3399 or email info@CHA-ahse.org.

CHA Instructors Change Lives Through Safe Experiences with Horses. The purpose of CHA is to promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the horse industry. CHA certifies instructors and trail guides, accredits equestrian facilities, publishes educational manuals, produces educational horsemanship DVDs and YouTube Safety shorts, and hosts regional and international conferences. For more information on the largest certifying body of riding instructors and barn managers in North America, the Certified Horsemanship Association, please visit www.CHA-ahse.org or call 859-259-3399. To find a certified horseback riding instructor or accredited equine facility near you, visit CHAinstructors.com.

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