On a half day or during open campus, many Governor Livingston students head to Smashburger or Five Guys to grab a bite to eat. Both establishments are popular, but many students have opposing thoughts on each establishment. So which eatery is better? 

GL students often go to Smashburger to hang out with friends. However, according to a poll of 130 Governor Livingston Students, Five Guys is more popular by far. 

Smashburger earns points for convenience and a wide variety of food and drinks. Its menu offers more than a simple burger and a side of fries. There are meals for kids and over 10 different sides to choose from, salads being one of them if you are looking for a healthy alternative. Several different types of burgers are available to customers, as well as chicken tenders, grilled cheese, and hot dogs. One of the most popular items at the venue is milkshakes. Offering flavors other than plain vanilla and chocolate, shakes are one of the most favored beverages on the menu. The service is fair, and employees serve customers at their tables. Although Smashburger seems like Heaven so far, here is where it goes wrong. The quality of the food can leave something to be desired. The patties themselves are more char than actual meat. The fries are thin and soggy, rather than crispy, and the amount in a large serving is almost equivalent to the amount in a small. At least they have milkshakes going for them.

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Five Guys is more enjoyable, and here’s why. The menu is chock full of different toppings and customers can choose as many as they desire - all for free. The french fries are delicious and the servings are generous. The employees never fail to not only fill the cup of french fries, but leave extra fries in the bag. Five Guys also serves a variety of milkshakes and soft drinks to go along with meals. Though their selection of foods other than burgers is not as extensive as that of Smashburger, they prepare sandwiches and hot dogs. Customers can snack on complimentary peanuts while waiting for their order to be ready. However, although this article is idolizing Five Guys, they do have their faults. The food is extremely greasy and has a significantly high-calorie count. A serving of fries at Five Guys alone has as many calories as a Smashburger bacon burger.

If the plan is to be healthy, neither place is for you.The online menus of each website show that Five Guys foods range from 70 calories to 920 calories and Smashburger ranges from 310 calories to 1050 calories.

Despite all of this, Five Guys is the winner by a significant margin. A survey of 130 Governor Livingston Students showed that 63.8% of students prefer Five Guys and 36.2% prefer Smashburger. Though the divide is significant, and there are several faults to each restaurant, they are both fine places to have a quick meal. Just remember, if deciding between the two, choose Five Guys.