CHATHAM, NJ - Three 6th Grade Chatham Middle School friends have been working on a project since the summer that they hope will spread #goodvibes throughout the school.

Eva Morrison, Jack Haid and Joe McBride are graduates of Washington Avenue School and they wanted to bring the "kindness" campaign from their elementary school to CMS.

The result is a contest that will select an uplifting quote and have decals of it made for students to see during the school day.

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"My mom sends me quotes on my phone and they're really uplifting," Morrison, 11, said. "I read them after school and they always put me in a good mood. Since they meant a lot to me, I wanted the kids at school to share that same feeling."

One of the goals of the contest, which will start in the upcoming week and run through Jan. 28, is to relieve stress. The idea is to display the quotes on the bathroom stalls around the school.

"Sometimes school can be really stressful with a lot of work to do in the class," Haid, 12, said. "Sometimes kids duck out to go to the bathroom to get a breather or get a drink of water, but when they go into the bathroom we don't want them to walk out feeling mopey. We hung up these quotes on the doors and we hope that will make them feel happy, so they can walk out feeling better and have a good day.

Eva Morrison explains the #goodvibes quote contest coming to the Chatham Middle School next week

The three lifelong friends put a lot of time into planning the contest and made a 22-page power-point presentation to CMS Principal Jill Gihorski.

In addition, the contest will be explained during a CMS in the AM video announcement.

"We want students to feel like they're in a campaign to get their quote picked," McBride, 12, said. "Students will send us quotes and then we'll pick a few that are most meaningful and inspiring to us and then put the quote into a decal and hang it up on the stall doors."

Students can email their quotes to: