CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham Superintendent Michael LaSusa gave an update on school status at the Chatham Board of Education meeting on Monday night, stating his goal to increase in-person attendance before the end of the school year.

"We're evaluating every option, with the goal of trying to increase the amount of in-person schooling," LaSusa said. "No decisions have been made yet. In grades 6-12 is where students are only coming to school every other day, so K-5 they come to school every day. The place to improve first is 6 to 12.

"Bringing all the kids every day does not mean you have to do lunch. But bringing kids in for a full day, you have to do lunch. So making it a full day of school is where all the challenges come in."

Chatham Superintendent Michael LaSusa talks about the goal of increasing in-person schooling for grades 6-12

LaSusa pointed out that the statistics concerning Covid-19 infection had been lowered to "moderate" in the weekly regional report. He also noted that there had not been a single virus infection transmitted in Chatham while students have been in school.

"We should be fighting for more normalization," Matthew Gilfillan, board vice president, said.

Gov. Phil Murphy recently announced March 15 as the date teachers will be eligible to receive vaccinations.

Board members discussed the options that would lead to more in-person instruction. LaSusa said he is waiting for the state Department of Education to update the guidelines that have been in place since last summer.

LaSusa talks about the challenges of complying with DOE rules in relation to increasing in-person schooling