Len Resto was named the 'interim' president when the Chatham Senior Advisory Committee (CSAC) held its first organizational meeting on Nov.14, 2018.

The CSAC was named by Chatham Borough Council Resolution #19-306 at a regular Council meeting in October. The Committee was formed to address the needs of the ever-increasing population of senior citizens in Chatham. Specifically, the Resolution has tasked the Committee with:

  • Establishing a strategy that engages and supports the diverse groups of seniors working and living in the Borough of Chatham.
  • Identifying the various segments of our senior community and developing methods of communication to best reach them with information regarding available programs and ways they can be constructively engaged.
  • Identifying and communicating to the Borough Council the issues and opportunities related to our senior community and associated recommendations for decisions and actions.
  • Designing and executing programs and projects befitting the senior community and, when appropriate, cooperating and collaborating with related organizations and governments on priority projects.

The CSAC, thanks to John Crouthamel of Tri-Town 55, as being the impetus in the formation of this important committee. Named to the committee, alongside John Crouthamel, are Barbara Montague, Nelson Hunt, Bill Fuller, Joyce Martinsen, Len Resto with the Hon. Vicki Fife as Council Liaison.

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Resto was named “interim president” with John Crouthamel as Vice-President and Barb Montague as Recording Secretary.  The Committee plans to meet the third Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. at Chatham Borough Hall located at 54 Fairmount Ave. and the public is welcome to attend our meetings. 

Our next meeting will take place on Jan. 16, 2020, at 2 p.m. in Room 301 at Borough Hall. If you would like to volunteer your services, have ideas or wish to get additional information, please contact Len Resto via email at lenresto@optonline.net or by phone at 973-635-5373. 

You do NOT have to be a Borough resident to join. In fact, we are hoping this can become more of a regional committee because the needs are similar no matter which municipality a senior resides in.  In addition, you do NOT have to be a senior to participate.  If you are a young person with an interest in seniors or just want to help, by all means, please volunteer.  If you cannot reach Len when you call, please leave a message and he will get back to you.

The Committee is excited about the endless possibilities we can offer seniors and we hope you will consider volunteering your time.