Hailey Coates- Girls Scout Gold Award Recipient

Chatham High School

Project Title: Time to Time

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Hailey’s project worked to increase face to face intergenerational interactions between the senior and student generations within her community. She created a monthly Buddy Program in which Chatham High School Key Club Members volunteered to visit the Senior Center of the Chathams for meetings with senior participants. 

Meetings consisted of group discussions, crafts, and most importantly, bonding between generations that otherwise don’t always have opportunities to interact with each other.  She chose to focus my project on face-to-face interactions because she believes it is important to recognize the value of sharing real-life company with others in a world where technology has become so advanced and consumes much of her generation’s social life.

Of course, technology is also extremely valuable, especially in times like today, but she wanted to make sure that as younger generations are being raised with new and constantly changing technology they don’t lose touch with the importance of having relationships and bonds with people not just through their phones. She also wanted to give the older generations the opportunity to form the relationships they are more familiar with from before smartphones and social media.