CHATHAM, NJ - Keith Reid, post office operations manager for Northern New Jersey, offered that it would be beneficial if Chatham residents applied for openings at the post office on Wednesday during an open house held by the U.S. Postal Service.

"The advantage of someone local living in Chatham is that they already know the streets," Reid said. "There is a learning curve for new employees and it can take six months to become efficient in every route."

The Chatham Post Office offered tours and welcomed residents with food and refreshments on Wednesday in an ongoing effort to improve relations with local residents. In December, U.S. Postal Service administrators had visited Chatham in an effort to clear up problems with mail delivery.

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"I'm confident we're going to keep going in a positive direction," Reid said. "A while back I gave out my cell phone so I could hear from residents. I've gotten very few complaints from Chatham."

Chatham's acting postmaster Sonya Gilbert says that summer deliveries have been going well